T & T Taxidermy has a passion for preserving your hunting memories!

Tommy Searfoss of T & T Taxidermy

Avid hunter, Tommy Searfoss, is happy to announce the opening of T & T Taxidermy, a family owned and operated business in the heart of some of Wyoming’s best hunting and fishing areas.¬† ¬†Located at the base of the beautiful Bighorn Mountains, T & T Taxidermy proudly tans all their hides, in-house and creates mounts with love and care.

Tommy attended Trails West Taxidermy School in Helena, Montana and is just finishing up the construction of a brand new shop offering big game mounts, birds, fish, habitats and more!

“I have an extreme passion for keeping the memories alive for hunters coming to Wyoming and it’s my goal that every time they look at their mounts, they remember the joy of their hunt.” – Tommy Searfoss

Tommy is joined in his passion for taxidermy by his son, Tyler Searfoss and Maddie Doherty.

“I love the hands-on work of big game,” -Tyler Searfoss

Tyler Searfoss and Maddie Doherty